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Welcome to Ventura County FCA

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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Come join us at the So Cal FCA College Retreat! Weekend packed with guest speakers, testimonies, worship, fun and more! If you are a college athlete and have the weekend off, you should come check it out and bring a friend! January 10-12th. Murrietta Hot Sprins Christian Conference Center. Cost: $50

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FCA will help you develop skills in your sport and as a leader.  Learn more about camps, teams, and campus huddles.

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We get to partner in the community with churches, businesses, and individuals.  FCA serves as a vehicle to connect coaches and athletes with the local church and in turn members from the community get the opportunity to serve as mentors, board members and donors.


Through on campus Bible studies, discipleship, church partnership and camps, coaches and athletes lock arms to use their influence to share their faith in Jesus.


Our coaches ministry can help you get involved with a camp, coaches huddle, or even help you get an FCA huddle started on your campus.

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On October 9th at Moorpark High School, Ventura County FCA participated in Fields of Faith. Fields of Faith is a national event for FCA and brings together students, coaches, churches, and community members to celebrate through a night or worship, testimonies and hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  This annual event is a great opportunity for us to serve alongside one another to reach our community for Jesus.